HELP, Please: Multi-track App for Android Mobile Phone?


I would appreciate any suggestion re. find an app for my (Android) mobile 'phone which will allow me to make multi-track demos on the go / when I am out and about.

Specifically, I would like the software to do the following:
1. Makes multi-track recordings (up to 8 tracks, if we are talking about limits)
2. Allows recording to take place through the 'phones mic.
3. Allows recording in at least 256Kps MP3 (and, I hope, WAV format, too)
4. Permits me to take use and export recording without having to convert them or use some piece of specialized software to export
5. Has the choice of being installed onto / run from the external SD card
6. It would be very nice to have some form of drum creation ability in the software (probably MIDI)

If the above cannot be accomplished, and I were to want to apply the above requirements to running multi-track software in a tablet, would I be better going with Reaper, as I believe that can be run on a tablet?

The ability to be able to capture audio through a tablet's external mic. would be essential, as I want to travel as lightly as possible.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
Here is what I found with a simple search: 10 best audio recording apps for Android! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority

I use a simple recorder for just ideas.

Thanks very much for this, DM60.

Actually, I had seen this list and it was part of the reason that I posted asking for advice, because none of the apps listed have the ability to 'listen to' (record via) the mic. input on one's mobile; one either has to either generate sound (not vocals) using the internal plug-ins of the app, or by importing already-recorded audio.

So, while I would like most of the features these apps contain, I would primarily like the ability to record from my 'phone's mic..
none of the apps listed have the ability to 'listen to' (record via) the mic. input on one's mobile;

I didn't read the whole list but the top two on the list will certainly do what you want. I would suggest downloading the free demo version of Audio Evolution to see if it is compatible with your device. Bandlab is free anyway so you lose nothing by trying it.

I watched a video showing Audio Evolution Mobile in action, and also read some posts about it, and the video shows them plugged in, using the built in instruments, and the blurb introducing the video in the list says, "We recommend this for people who want to record with their studio mics on their phones as long as that mic [italics mine] is connected to a USB audio interface".

Then again, in the paragraph about that, it does say, "You’re probably not getting studio quality audio. However, it’s great for taking quick voice notes, talking out an idea, or recording a fun riff on your instrument of choice for future reference".

So, I am confused.

I will attempt to check further to clarify what the correct version of things is.

The 'Introducing the Looper: Redefining Beat Creation' video for Bandlab (which is second on the list) also shows the fellow exclusively making beats by working within the app, and I find the description about a recording a guitar, and having "...the ability to record audio" to be unclear and ambiguous in this respect, too, although they do mention "simple voice recordings", but do not say or show that Bandlab is capable of vocal overdubs.

Once again, I will have look around.

Thanks for your reply.
For Multitrack Recording, try the Demo version of n-Track Studio Music DAW n-Track Studio Music DAW - Apps on Google Play
If that's what you're looking for they offer a paid version here: n-Track Studio 9 Pro Music DAW - Apps on Google Play

I only use the Demo version myself, as I use it to load up an Instrumental version of my Songs and a "Melody" track to allow me to use as a Monitoring device for Recording vocals away from my DAW, and it works perfectly for that for me.

If you only want to get some ideas down using "MIDI" or "Programming" some music ideas, I recommend Caustic 3: Caustic 3 - Apps on Google Play

If you just need to capture a quick Voice Memo style recording, this is what I have found to be the best for that: Audio Recorder Not Found Edit: Not sure why it says Not Found here, perhaps Sony has removed it from the Store? If so... sorry, I guess I got it before it was removed.

I've also recently been keeping track of my "Riffs" using this super cool software that a friend turned me onto: Guitar Tabs X Guitar Tabs X - Apps on Google Play

It's limited to a few songs, and you can only export PDF/MIDI with the paid version, but I loved it so much and it helped me get my ideas down so fast that I gladly paid for the Full Version to have unlimited Songs and Exporting ability.

Please keep us updated if you find any other Android Software for music creation. I'm always looking for it myself, and until Reaper is able to run on Android, these seem to be the best options that I have found.
I found bandlab on android pretty useful. They have a good selection of drum kits and the template for tapping in beats is user friendly if you know a little about beats. They could do with some basic patterns for a quick start but if you're just creating a backing to demo over it's simple enough to programme a bar or two and then copy/ paste or loop. Its then simple to record as many guitar/ vocal tracks as you want and there are several effects you can add in. Export as wav to another DAW if you wish..not sure how easy it is to edit elsewhere once exported.

I only tend to use it for playing around with ideas at work and migrated to reaper once I got the taste for recording after a 10 year hiatus...useful for an on the go ideas jotter though

I've used Audio Evolution, and it will most certainly allow you to record with the phone's mic. I think what they're saying is that, if you want better quality, you'd want to use an interface and a condenser mic.

The big problem with Android and music apps is the latency. Believe me, I'm an Android user and am not a fan of Apple, but I must concede that---for the time being, anyway---when it comes to music recording apps, Apple has Android beat hands down.

I was given an iPad for free, and so whenever I want to record on a mobile device (which isn't all that often, because I'm an analog fan), I just use GarageBand. Admittedly, I haven't tried recording multi-track stuff on my Android phone in a few years probably, and maybe they've made some headway in that time. But the last time I tried it, the latency made multi-tracking very impractical.

Actually, I just tried recording with another app I've used called J4T. This is a 4-track app that has effects and allows for some editing, etc. It's not nearly as full-featured as Audio Evolution, but it's also a lot more intuitive.

Anyway, this app allows you to use a "SYNC SETUP" to compensate for latency and keep your tracks in sync. However, you can't monitor what you're recording through the phones --- you can only monitor what's already been recorded. The attached screen shot is from the app's FAQ.

If I remember correctly, Audio Evolution will allow live monitoring, but, like I said, the latency makes it unusable.


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I use Bandlab and MixPad. Both are free. Bandlab has a button for listening to what you are recording and latency fix. Bandlab make an interface for iOS and Android, called Link Analog. I record in Bandlab and edit in MixPad.
Audio evolution mobile. It just blew my mind! For a mere £4 or so for an OTG converter I can use my presonus USB 96, and record 24-bit, 96khz stereo with my acoustic piano. All on a basic android phone! That's amazing. Ps yes I think it can record via the Internal mic if needed. Get AEM it's a steal at about £7 for the full version, on the Google apps store.