Help Needed Setting up Recording Podcast through Focusrite Scarlett Solo


New member
Hi. I will be running a radio show through VBN Radio that uses Cirrus by Securenet Systems

My setup is a laptop PC with Windows 10 OS and Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen and the CM25 MK2 Microphone with Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones plugged into the PC.

I have Adobe Audition CC (2015 Version) and would like to know how to set everything up so that I have what comes out of my headphones is recording on one channel in Audition Multitrack, another for my microphone, and one for a guest speaker live on Skype or Facebook, another channel recording into Audition for any callers who may have questions for the live guest, and one for music I want to play through my computer. How to set this all up to record everything in separate tracks and then being able to a single file?

I don't have money to get other equipment or cables etc. I know it can be done with additional software somehow. Anyone know an easy way to do it through Audition, or do I need another software to get this accomplished?
Thank you.