Help me understand my home studio correctly


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Hello everyone,
yes, I'm new here, but not new to music recording, software etc etc...
let me get straight to the business:

My Audio Interface is M-Audio Fast Track 8r (info attached) and I want to connect it to my headphones amp (Mackie HM-800 doc attached).
I'm trying to connect my Roland TD27kv like that:
TD27 line out 1 > (FastTrack) Line in 3 >> (FastTrack) Line out 3 > (HM800) AUX in 3
TD27 line out 2 > (FastTrack) Line in 4 >> (FastTrack) Line out 4 > (HM800) AUX in 4

I've looked over the manuals but haven't figured if the FastTrack's inputs and outputs are stereo or mono...
now, the problem is that I think it uses the signal as a Mono signal, which means I can hear only left or only right.
I need someone to help me connect this correctly, so I can plug headphones to #1 headphone output on the HM and hear the drums in Stereo.
The only way I can hear them in stereo is if I plug headphones to *FASTTRACK*'s headphone output (since it ties together input 1&2).
I've attached some photos too
much appreciate any help


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The inputs and outputs on the Fast Track are mono, except for the headphone outputs on the front.

The aux inputs on the HM-800 are stereo. If you connect a balanced signal to them, it's going to sound odd. If you activate the mono button on the headphone channel, it might go silent. You might be able to connect the outputs of the Fast Track to the aux inputs of the HM-800 using unbalanced cables, then press the mono button on the HM channel. Another option is to use an "insert" cable and connect two Fast Track output channels to one HM aux input.

I'm assuming you have a whole band of musicians and you want to give them each a custom mix. Otherwise, the Fast Track's front panel headphone outputs would probably suffice.


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well...that actually explains a lot...
usually, we're 4-5 players and I didn't know why the drums sound like crap...
I've tried something else now - I've connected like this
TD27 line out 1 > (FastTrack) Line in 3 >> (FastTrack) Line out 3 > (HM800) *MAIN* in 2 L
TD27 line out 2 > (FastTrack) Line in 4 >> (FastTrack) Line out 4 > (HM800) *MAIN* in 2 R
> (FastTrack) Line out 1 > (HM800) *MAIN* in 1 L
> (FastTrack) Line out 2 > (HM800) *MAIN* in 1 R

and now I'm hearing the drums in stereo from HM's headphone outputs 1&2&3&4 so for 4 players this is actually good.
outputs 5-6-7-8 will be less clear but I'm not using them very often...

I'll play along and report back
thanks a lot!
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