Help me put it back together


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Hey all

I haven't posted anything but stupid comments in a long, long time cause I've been taking care of a lot of business and family stuff and moving and selling everything to do that.

I finally am putting my recording rig back together a bit at a time off the craigslist. I bought a drum kit cheap after a few years of using an ekit, and picked up a laptop, audio interface and a couple SM58s super cheap. I have a decent room to put the kit in it in - extra big with super high ceilings.

I am interested in a raw 60's drum sound, mono - single mic splashed over my shoulder. You guys who have heard my stuff (outside of the electronic crap) know what I am going for. I set up a single Rode NT2 over the kit and got almost exactly what I am looking for right out of the gate. I ripped a few measures with brushes and looped and then played along on piano. I am looking for ideas on mic placement so I can get a more 'hollow' sound out of the kick. It's super thuddy and I want it to be that classic hollow sound. I don't really want to get into a multi mic or stereo setup or spending all kinds of money, but am open to suggestions if that is what it will take.

Here is a link to an MP3 on a google drive if you guys hate google drive I can post something somewhere else too.

I don't have any speakers yet, so I just listened on cans and in the car.



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The drums sound really good to me, not a drummer myself, but I dig the sound. The piano sounds like it's in another room though, might have to find a reverb to get it to match the drums' ambiance, that'd be my next step I think.


I think what you've went for is amazing. I love the unique sound of the drums and the piano sounds fine to me.

The kick drum sounds a little weird for me, I think it lacks attack a little bit, but that is totally subjective and if it was what you wanted, keep it like that.

But I would love to hear more mixes like this one in the forum.


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Thanks guys. I think I figured out at least part of what is going on with the kick. I am using a floor stand with a round base and it is picking up the thud from the floor. I could hear my footsteps thud in the recording when I walked away from the drums. But yeah - the kick needs some attack/click and I would also like it to be more 'hollow'. I think it will also help once I get some bass going - I like a lot of pick attack.

The piano was kind of an afterthought. I hear you about it not matching the room. Seems like I am stuck. I used to have an ekit and a real piano. Now I have a real kit and a fake piano lol. I think the real solution is going to get a piano. Been stalking craigslist for an old Baldwin for cheap but no luck yet. Until then I will probably dry up the piano and re-amp it into the room on another channel when I actually start recording something.