Help me choose a linear actuator


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Hi! I want to put myself a linear actuator on the sliding gate to the cottage. I looked in the internet, there are a lot of offers and the prices are very different. Maybe there are people here who understand this and can advise me what type of actuator is better, manufacturer and where to buy? I will be very grateful.
I don't have any links because I don't know correctly how it can be work. But I need something like an all-in-one with a remote controller. Any ideas?
Idea 1: For a generally approved outdoor setup, you're gonna pay some big bucks ($10K).

Idea 2: If you wanna slide the gate, you won't use a linear actuator, but a pulley and sprocket. If you wanna swing the gate, then maybe an actuator. The pulley and sprocket also requires tracks and rollers for the gate.

Idea 3: If you want remote control, you'll also want security and encryption as opposed to 492MHz that everything else is on. Otherwise anyone can get in. More $$.

Idea 4: Finally, with not-too-difficult mechanical knowledge, you could adapt a garage-door opener to slide open a gate. The combinations are endless and the cost would be in the hundreds, not thousands. The combinations are so many that such an adaptation would be difficult to converse about without being there.

Idea 5: I would almost be surprised that someone on YouTube hasn't done such a thing, already.