Help Deciding: Professional DAW or other equipment purchase?


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I just sold $400 worth of guitar gear I haven't really been using on ebay. I got, after all fees and shipping, about $400 from the sales.

My choice is to either:
Spend $199 (plus tax) for Logic Pro from the mac app store
buy more microphones and studio equipment

I'm currently using Garage Band, decided Logic Pro would be the "logical" upgrade path.
But before I spend the $400, I was wondering if while honing my recording craft if I might benefit more from more equipment choices/microphones, etc.

I have the following:
M-Audio Fast Track C600 (new)
SM57, SM58, Blue Spark condenser
AKG headphones
M-Audio BX5a ref monitors
Plenty of insturments

Please let me know your opinions! Thanks!!


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I downloaded Reaper and the interface and I just didn't get along very well. I'm hoping to find something intuitive. One reason I fell in love with Reason 6 was the interface really works with me but the price and several other reasons just don't make sense. So that's why after discussing with several other friends who own Logic, I'm going that way. Thanks for the help!


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Well, I made my decision finally last night. As much as I may have liked Reason, Logic won out in the end! :) ha ha

I downloaded Logic Pro 9 last night from the Mac App Store. took 4 hours to get all the additional content and I hope to be up and running tonight getting ready to finally get some recording done this weekend! (if I can figure it out!)

$199 for an app made my apple with all that content and compatibility, just makes sense. Propellerheads should really think about that with Reason, opening it up to plugins, seems to be most people's big beef with it. Plus Logic is half the price.