Hello I need a mix feedback to improve my track and learn new skills

Nikhil Joshua

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Hey I'm not new to producing music but I have less skill so please don't get angry by listening to my tracks, I'm open to constructive criticism. So I need a feedback on this track.


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gecko zzed

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I surprised myself by listening all the way through the song. You've done pretty well.

A few thoughts. There are a number of factors to consider when judging a mix. The two that are at the top of my list are the quality of the individual sounds that make up the mix, and how those separate sounds are placed in the general landscape of the mix.

I note that piano has a sound of quantized midi and uniform velocity. Likewise with the drums. There was also an odd cymbal kind of sound coming out the right side from about half way through.

Those things aside, I thought the mix was pretty good. There was a good sense of space, and it sounded fairly well balanced to my ear. Perhaps the piano was a bit dominant on the lefty side. I think you have done a fine job. The vocal had a nice character and was pleasant to listen to.


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I am insane with anger, I'm afraid. Sorry just seething with rage. Mixes! :D

This is a very serviceable mix for a CCM/worship song. The snare may be a little buzzy, but otherwise it gets the job done.


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The mix seems fine to me. The drums sound super-duper-100% fake, but it's actually pretty fitting for the genre. Whenever I hear a song like this, there's usually a guy playing a V-Kit with bad samples. :)
I agree with most of what has already been said. The vocal is nice and warm. I also judge a good vocal by closing my eyes and trying to visualize someone singing the lyrics. I can, here.

Agreed that the piano sound, while it has a pretty realistic sound, it's stark sounding. Some might not notice that, but some will. It is a bit overpowering on the left side for a prominent instrument.

The drums are obviously fake and while many people will say "so what?" because they get the job done, I know drummers will listen and quickly get turned off by that fact. I know one drummer in particular who wouldn't even listen to the song because of the drum sound. Maybe look for another sample to use?

Same with what I think is strings, mostly in the right side. They are muffled, in my opinion and need something to bring them out a little bit. I know strings are background, but they don't seem real enough to me. I know they are a midi VST, but like the drums, the idea is to not make them sound as such. The background vocal is fine, but maybe a bit more volume? It's almost not there. I don't know...these are just my opinions. And I'm listening in headphones, so they could be altering some frequencies. Another thing that is just my opinion, maybe a touch more bass volume? I'm nitpicking on most of this and like I said, my headphones could be causing some of what I hear. The mix sounds really good and I think these would make it sound better

What struck me as odd was the step up at 2:14. I think it would sound much better, without the piano chord at 2:14. Maybe silence there, then your vocal starts fine. If you need something in that space, maybe a little drum riff, but the piano sounds awkward to me. I think silence would be fine, before your vocal takes over at the step up with "but, you are great...".

I understand you might have limitations on some of these sounds, but know that my suggestions are minor. The only one very noticeable to me is that piano chord at 2:14.


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Good mix, You already have some really good feedback. I agree with Fingerz on the 2:14 change, and improving the drums sound (SP3 is great) would really lift this track to another level.
The Lead vocal sound wise is good, although to me pitchy in some parts but thats just me....If you wrote this nice song and good mix!
I like the mix; some of my thoughts have been said by others. I'd like to hear the second voice brought out a bit stronger. On my system at least, your lead voice was not exactly centered in the stereo field. The fake drums and fake strings don't bother me because they are of a fairly good quality for that kind of system. As an organist with a degree in pipe organ, I used to think that the pipe organ was the ONLY way to play organ music; but I have mellowed a bit as I am now 75. I don't have a problem listening to a good electronic organ if it is well played and is a good quality instrument for the music being performed. Similarly, I maintain that those of us who do our own music while working on a limited budget probably won't have the money to buy the best electronic drums and other instruments; and for my part, I don't know how to properly play a real set of drums. So I have a drum machine here along with an electronci keyboard for the strings and other sounds. Your modulation up a whole step bothers me a bit because it leaves a "jerky" impression in my mind. In my opinion, better would have been either a drum riff as one poster said or else a harmonic modulation from the first key to the new one a whole-step higher. During that modulation or drum riff, your voice should be silent; This modulation could be quite simple, taking place over only one or two bars. I hope I am not straying too far from the purpose of "Mixing Clinic." In my mind, "Mixing Clinic" would mainly covr that which you could do with the knobs and sliders on a mixer board or complex recording deck; but since others have mentioned the matter of the key shift, I hope I wouldn't be too far off the track.

I still think it sounds good, and even better, in some ways. the step up sounds better. There is a cymbal crash at 1:29. Is that correct? It seems out of place to me. Again, only my personal opinion, but I wouldn't hold the keyboard or vocal notes into 2:14. Fade a bit sooner, letting the drums be all you hear before your vocal a step up comes in. Don't worry about the silence. It works.

Again my own opinion, because I know songs of this type have a heavy vocal presence. I think it would be better if you back off the lead vocal just a little bit, though. Still, a very good sounding mix, if you ask me. Good work.


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Sounds good. Since most people are talking about leaving exactly the instruments you have, I'll go out on a limb and say that overall it might need something that CUTS. Even if its a clean guitar, playing eigth notes to move the song along, bringing it in like mid song, I think that would help give the song some forward motion. I don't know what your keyboard skills are, if you'd be up to it, but you could quantize them if you couldn't play them cleanly. Other than that and of course the drums ( you might want to learn to quantize drums too) the song is clean.Good job.


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sounds very gentle and clear, i like it
but yea, the drums sound is a bit too static? the way u compposed them is very good for my ear, but their sound is too plastic for this soulfull track