Hello! I have a Fostex D160 ... machine works great ... Quantum Fireball failed.


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Hello everyone ... I have a Fostex D160 machine works fine with current drive. Original Quantum Fireball Drive, containing lots of good stuff, failed. 20 years later I sent to have the data on disc recovered. They cloned original Fireball onto another Fireball, and also replaced heads on original Fireball. Both drives work but the machine will not recognize either both initialize, recognize that they are Fireballs, but then either repeat initialization over and over or in the case of the cloned disc prompts to format the disc. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks you all in advance.
Assume the data recovery company were aware that the failed HDD was formatted using Fostex FDMS3 disk management system. I supposed they would have had to have known this to clone the data - I don't know. But could the process have involved formatting the drives as conventional PC e.g. FAT32?