Hello, I am having trouble with my new Akai MPK49 midi controller.


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I am new to this midi stuff as I am a guitarist. But I am confident that I have correctly plugged the USB cord into a USB port, the controller has lit up (turned on). I have installed the mpk49 driver. I went into VST plugins, controller/generic clicked on the mpk49 driver and closed the window. I have assigned the midi device input as Akai MPK49 and the output as the windows thingy name.

Now do I need an external sound box or are soft synths the same thing?

When I pull up the piano roll on the track, I can trigger sounds with my mouse but not the controller.

I am using an M-Audio Mobile Pre USB interface. Running Windows 7 64bit 2.8ghz w/4gb ram. As stated I am using an Akai MPK49 midi usb controller. I don't know if my wireless mouse would have any interferance or not. The help menu is absolutly no help.

Also I have tried configuring the controller with some software that came with the controller called Vyzex and can not get the controller to be recogonized there either.

I have tried unplugging the Mobile Pre and the wireless mouse, rebooting with just the controller and that didn't work either, tried about 5 times. So I don't think it's a usb conflict. Also went into controll panel and the computer says the akai is working fine.

But I can't seem to locate the midi drivers to see if they need updated.

So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Windows thingy name? You're using Sonar, right?

Go to Insert > soft synth > Dimension ProLE. A menu will open-- Insert Soft Synth Options. Under "create these tracks" check the boxes marked

MIDI source

Synth Track Folder

First synth output

Under "Open these windows" select "Synth Property Page".

This will open a new track folder with two tracks. One is the MIDI track, the other audio. It will also open the Dimension Pro synth window.

In the MIDI track, select "omni" as the input. For the output select "Dimension Pro".

In the audio track, select "Dimension Pro output 1" as the source and "master" as the output.

In the DimPro window select an instrument from the drop down menu.

Under "Audio" options select the M-Audio as the input and output master. You should hear playback of the instrument through the M-Audio.

I recommend getting a copy of "Sonar Power" by Scott Garrigus for whichever version of Sonar you are using. It explains a lot of general stuff about audio and MIDI, as well as walks you through setting up all the various audio/MIDI tracks and soft synths.

You might also check out cakewalk or Youtube for tutorial videos about creating tracks and configuring soft synths.
Thanks a bunch c7sus, I'm not getting any audible sound, but when I press a key on the controller, the sound merter moves on the midi track.
What sort of sound card are you using? The one that came with your computer?
Does sonar recognize your sound (audio) card and is it selected as your main output?

Okay, I have re-installed my midi drivers on my laptop, seems there's an issue with Windows 7 64bit os and midi. I found out you can only use one midi device/program at a time with windows unless you are going thru an interface card that supports multible midi. Any way that's what the folks at the Vzyex forum told me.

So after installing the midi drivers I went into Vyzex and it is now "seeing" my controller. I closed Vyzex and opened sonar set up a test file, tried wrapping the vst, and I still get no sound. I double checked all my settings and they seem to be correct.

My midi is working, I down loaded a midi music file and opened it with windows media player and it plays.

So, now I am thinking about upgrading my audio interface. Any suggestions? I will have about a $500 budget for this, unless I wait another 5 or 6 months, I could up it to about 1k. And would that even solve my problems?