Hello Everybody


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Hello everybody,

My name is Anthony Anderson I’ve been in the music field since the age of 11 I’m quite musically inclined if I do add. I’ve been juggling many different hats with the music I am a rap artist, engineer as well a producer. I have a genuine love for music it’s been that way since a young child I remember sneaking notorious big tapes into my bedroom when my dad was at work lol. I work with Logic Pro x and GarageBand I am familiar with Pro Tools but it’s not my favorite Daw. FL Studio is my favorite Producer Daw it has been since a child. I am really looking forward to meeting new friends and learning from you guys in this group and maybe I can teach a few things as well so please don’t be strangers because I won’t.


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Welcome. Seems to be the day for lots of new members. Sounds like you've got a leg up on music production though.