HD16 HDD swap to SSD

Hey all,

Some of you might remember that Zoom used to have a user forum on their website https://www.zoom.co.jp. I used to frequent that forum back when I got my HD16. I remember one dude successfully swapping out the HDD for a solid state drive, but unfortunately the tutorial he wrote is now gone. The original drive was a mechanical IDE drive.

A long shot, but was hoping someone had any knowledge about it.


Slouching Raymond

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You can buy IDE to SSD adapter devices, which also do SSD to IDE.
I bought one. It worked fine on my windows pc, but wouldn't work in my Korg D16XD.
I couldn't try it in my Yamaha AW16G, for fear of damaging the AW16G.


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I bought and IDE converter to add an SD card to my AW16G, but it's still in the box. I figured that a 32GB SD card would be the perfect replacement for a 40GB HD. The only "issue" is that it wouldn't be convenient to swap out the card. I would think about putting a little door on the bottom so SD cards could be swapped. Get a half dozen, install the OS on them and swap them out.

It's not like I NEED the 16G. I've got my AW1600 and my R24 to use instead if I need a portable setup. It would just be for the fun of actually doing the hack.
Thanks guys, I'm finding Transcend IDE SSD's on eBay. Seems like the closest match. I bought a couple from China some years ago "KingSpec". They had a tendency to break down after a while, so will avoid them.