Having problems with uploading an instrumental on track1


Studio 1784
My set-up:

• ASUS Lap top X200CA - 4 gig Ram
• External Hard drive- 3 TB
• Sound card- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface
• Mic- Rode Mic
• Music Software- Sonar X1 producer, Sound Forge 10
• Monitors- Fostex 8” 3 way
• Headphones- Semheiser HD Pro closed back
• VoiceTone Harmony- G-XT

1. Lap top ->usb Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface input 1&2-> Voice Tone Harmony- G-XT XLR cords to main out and mic input
2. Headphones-> sound card
3. External Hard drive->usb Lab top
I'm having problems with upload tracks in Sonar X1 a warning pops up "no memory" I have 4gigs Ram and 275gig of hard space.
Do I need more Ram like 8GB.
You certainly don't need more memory. I'm not familiar with Sonar, but I suggest checking to see where Sonar wants to save the uploaded track. It might be looking for a location that doesn't exist.

How do you upload a track? Is there an import option? Can you just drag the file onto the timeline?
Maybe posting up some screenshots will help.
What kind of file are you trying to load? Is this audio or MIDI?

There is a known problem with some .mp3 formats that are not compliant with the .mp3 standards. Something to do with embedded images in the file.

Its a mp3 file

Are you using the import function or copying/pasting?

Can you arm and record a track without any errors?

As Chili suggested, it sounds like the target "work" drive or folder set in preferences is incorrect. When you import a file into Sonar it converts it to a default bitrate WAV. If the target path in the settings (place to create and store that WAV file) doesn't exist it can't create the WAV.

[also see prior suggestion that the MP3 is in an unsupported format]

Or Sonar is acting buggy (X1 is getting rather old... I assume you have it fully patched?).