Having an Objective View of Your Abilities

Lt. Bob

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Had no idea that was your "Day Gig" Bob. One of my local keyboard influences / hero's since I was pup has been one for just about the same amount of time.
yeah, it's an interesting job ......... I had built up a huge customer base in BR and did 3-5 a day 6 days a week.
I know that sounds hard to believe but I had 2500 churches on my account list and about the most I can do is around 900 a year so I was always snowed under.
And, of course, a LOT of repairs added to the time.

I don't tune so much in Florida ..... it makes my hands hurt and they can even cramp up and not hold a pick or even work at all and playing is vital to my life.
So when we moved I didn't try too hard to build a new client list plus that takes a piano store as a base of operations and with piano sales being so low, any tuners are pretty protective of their diminishing accounts.
So here I only do a few a month .... but in BR I was probably the busiest tuner in the nation.

Most I ever did in one day was at a factory piano sale and I did 9!

I do kinda miss my customers though ..... you'd only see them once a year but you became friends and I had interesting customers ..... I even had one from Hiroshima whose grandmother was an atom bomb survivor.
I tuned Huey Piano Smith's piano ..... I was Nick Saban's tuner ..... Governor Edwards ..... that guy that shot and killed the exchange student on Halloween .... ..... a large list of intersting folks.
I do miss that.


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One of the confounding factors is that it is your brain and imagination that tells you what you are hearing, not your ears . . . something sounds good because you want it to, not because it is.
it's got to be this way because that's how I want it to be, and I refuse to accept that an alternative may be better.


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Often Go off key, lose control over my voice, understand what I want to hear and get but can’t make it real aka can’t sing the way I understand it should be sang. That’s me .

Todd Humbert

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Looking for someone is is willing to be brutally honest about my singing. If I'm bad, you'll save me from heartache and embrassement.

---------- Update ----------

My biggest fear.

Moldy Burrito

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Does this hit home.

I will not get into a very long, drawn out anecdote, but my ego was put into check many, many times in many places and situations. When I thought I had a handle on something, I did not. In the end, I did not know anything, because I was not making much of anything. Even though I thought I was.

fast forward to today.

Starting from scratch. Bought some gear. Consumer level gear. With fantastic software. However, no fancy software will do doodldy dirt without experience and know-how. I have some idea from the hobby over the years, but I cannot tell you or myself if I have a tin ear yet. I love listening to music, and singing, but that does not mean I can sing or make music. I cannot do either, yet. I can just show you my awesome new plugin. LX480 Complete? Yeah! Slap that on the credit card!