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Wow ...had no idea what a amazingly cool, politically active ( to stop world hunger) guy he was,

Tragic death.... cool family AND it was his wife that wrote the lyrics to Cat's in the Cradle...WTF!

If you have Amazon Prime or can find it out on the internets I encourage watching it...very cool story about a very cool cat.....in the cradle ;)

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Indeed! Harry was the real deal. I took my kids to see him light the Christmas decorations at Constitution Plaza in Hartford, CT. He didn't sing or perform. He didn't need to. His presence sufficed.

As an aside to your post, TAE, Harry's brother, Tom Chapin is also an amazing guy.
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Harry was great. Taxi is one of my all-time favorite songs.

Harry couldn't drive. He was partner in a Huntington LI theatre that went out of business after he died, and became a surgical supplies warehouse. I worked there a few years. The owner of the gym next door drove antique cars (back in the 80s) and told me Harry on multiple occasions drove into them. He was never paying attention to the road.

My sister was at Eisenhower Park to see him play when he was killed on the Meadowbrook Parkway (I believe). It's tragic. But, driving isn't a game and hitting things isn't fun. Especially when you can hurt yourself, your passengers or someone you might hit. With these new fangled cars the accidents are going to be much worse.