Hardware or Software Synth?

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I was always dubious about DAWS and soft synths. I bought the Arturia Minimoog soft synth, to see if it was any good. The sounds were good, but I didn't like controlling the knobs with a mouse. I gave up on it, so am a fan of real knobs and real keys. Thank goodness real synths are coming back strong. The only mono synth I have is the Korg MS2000B, which is much overlooked, but does a lot.

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Prices on "the real thing" are outrageous, or even the Korg FS 2600. But if you consider the cost of an interface (US$200?) and say the Arturia 2600 (US$150) vs the Berhinger 2600 (US$600) you're really not doing that much better in software for the sacrifice of having actual knobs/sliders.


it depends on your personal preferences and needs. Some people prefer hardware synths, while others prefer software synths.

Hardware synths are typically easier to use than software synths, and they usually sound better. However, they can be more expensive and they often take up more space.

Software synths are typically less expensive and more portable than hardware synths. However, they can be more difficult to use and they often don't sound as good.
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Maybe software for composing or sequencing and then otherwise Hardware. If you can't afford vintage there's Behringer. Maybe somewhat disposable, but at 1/3 -1/10 price...
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Hardware. Made in Japan. Where the best stuff is made.

Personal fav is the Roland V-Synth with a Fantom deck.

VSTs are very cool. Get them on sale.