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This little beauty, a Panasonic RQ-L309, is state of the art in the home
recording field, AND it's as portable as a set of car keys. Simplicity of
function combines with a rugged design plus a surprisingly big sound from
something small enough to put in your pocket. There's no tape counter, but
I've learned to live with it and it keeps me on my toes. No software problems,
no hardware conflicts, no cabling required, and a learning curve as shallow as a
puddle. Nice.
The guitar's Spanish - an Admira Artista - even lower tech than the device
on the table, and although it's starting to warp a bit in the tropic heat and
humidity, its voice never lets me down.
Sigh - technology defeats my best efforts once again. A modest image on the website turns into a drive-in screen size monster here. Gimme a break. You can count my freckles if you like. Help...

Okay, call off the help. But you should have seen it when the image filled the screen! Spectacular.

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Without cables, how does it connect to a monitor system? Or is this a headphones only system? And your picture was the right size on my screen.
This is homerecording for the purpose of songwriting, not high fidelity. It goes with me everywhere, and when I get an idea I whip it out (the Panasonic) and never miss a beat. Slackmaster was saying he tries to remember stuff that comes up at work, but hey! when you got the technology at hand, it frees you up to work on the next idea that comes along, instead of having to stick with the first one so you can remember it.

Monitor system = push the play button and listen! An engagingly loud, tinny sound ensues which, after I get some control over mixdown procedures, I will try to recreate in my harddisk recording at some point. Just because it's there.

Headphones? Naw, you can't trust 'em. :)

The picture: I had to go back and resize it. The first time, it more than filled the screen - you had to scroll down for a long time to see all of it. "What's that?" "I think it's the nose," etc. Cyberwow.
Hi dobro,
A few years ago I went to the Peoples Republic of China and tried to teach english to college students in the northeastern part of the country. I missed recording so much, that one of the students gave me his old acoustic guitar and another gave me their strange looking boombox so I could record some music as I was there. It was very cold there, no warping of anything, but it made it hard to play sometimes. Its funny, a lot of the songs written had something to do with being cold. I had a very interesting time there, and the recordings done, with some pretty low tech equipment are probably my favorite recordings I have done.
Low tech + far away places = interesting and memorable music!
Dobro - I applaud your purism and simplicity! Bellisimo! I am envious, however. Anyone who can 1) play classical, and 2) compose something good enough to record, beats my noodling anyday. Without my Zoom and Les Paul, I might as well go watch tv... :)
Hey, I guess I'm not the only guy who likes to play music without his pants on! :)

That's actually a really good idea. (the tape player, not the pants) My girlfriend has one of those little tape recorders. I should start using it. Hellava lot easier than leaving yourself messages on the answering machine...

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audio f: yeah, but what I need sometimes is the Les Paul adept to add the noodles.

SM2K: So! You discovered that 'singing down the phone line to leave yourself a message on the answerphone' trick too. The portable recorder has the added advantage of avoiding public suspicion - if somebody sees you singing into a walkman, they'll think you're eccentric. If someone sees you singing into a phone, they'll think worse things.
Hey that's my studio a year ago. ... thanks man ... I kinda miss that now.

Anyway I still have a similar kind of studio myself. It's a portable Sony IC Recorder which I can bring everywhere I go. Tapeless for up to 8 minutes.
hey dobro..i carry one of those things EVERYWHERE...i even sing melodies or say lyrics into it while im in the car...i suck at writing lyrics so if a cool line ever just pops up..my little recorder is perfect...except...does anything that sounds like a really great idea at the time turn out to sound lame and cheesy to you when ya play it back later...happens to me all the time...anyways..see ya