H4nPro Sequential recording in a single file?


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I want to record two different songs back to back (piano). Unfortunately I had polio and no longer have the arm stamina to do so. I would like to record the first one and then be able to rest and return to a mark (or whatever) at the end of song one and begin song two and record it (medley). Does anyone have a suggestion for accomplishing this with my zoom H4nPro?

From what I read Marks are for playback, not record mode. Whenever I hit the record button the recorder goes to the beginning of the file.

Thank you.

I'm not sure that you can do this. To do it seamlessly, you'd need a mark in and a mark out feature. What do you do with the zoom files? Do you stick them into your computer? Even a free editor like Audacity would be able to top and tail the files, and then you could always put them back into the zoom for replay?
I have a Zoom H5, but I just use it to record live events, then transfer to a computer to do the editing.

Doing a quick Google search, it looks like you'd use the pause (rather than the stop) button. But you probably have to keep the device on and active. I don't think you can go back and amend an existing file.
I would just record everything and then do the editing in the computer. As long a keep your tempo consistent and don't change your microphone positioning, you should be able to pick a point to edit and splice things together in a DAW. I just did the same thing with acoustic guitar. Got to the last verse and hit the wrong chord about halfway through. So I started over with the bridge just to get back in time and did the last verse correctly. I went to the first strum of the last verse from the first cut and moved that section out of the way, then did the same of the second cut and spliced them together. It is completely seamless.

With a 8 or 16GB card you should be able to record in multitrack or 4 channel mode for several hours at 48kHz/24bit mode.

Hitting the PAUSE button while in record mode, it will pause any recording but keep the active file open. Hit the PAUSE button again to resume recording. When you hit STOP, it will finalize the file and you will start with a new file next time.
One last thing, make sure that if you are in MTR mode that you have the option set to use ALWAYS NEW file rather than OVERWRITE. Page 53 of the manual. Otherwise you may overwrite your last work if you hit stop rather than pause. With Always New, you can always load both sets of files into a DAW easily and edit them together.