Guitar show with Studio monitors.


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Sup, I was planning on playing some backing tracks with my guitar, the sound would come from my Studio Monitors (Pair of Rokit 8's), will they give me enough punch for a small crowd in a small venue like a bar?

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Get a powered PA speaker/monitor would be better IMO. Plus, it probably has a grill cover, you know, for when they start throwing stuff :). (Think about it. I wouldn't take studio monitors out of the house unless you want holes in the LF driver or messed up/dented HF driver.)


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Studio Monitors are ...... Studio Monitors.

They are not designed for using live and won't have the throw to cover a live audience.


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While we’ve talked about a lot of things in this article, the heart of the whole thing is the computer, paired with the Universal Audio Apollo Twin and its companion UAD Console app. With those two items, a few pieces of essential software, and a pair of headphones or monitors, I can be practicing in seconds. Adding a looper pedal is a great addition for practicing. And as a guitarist, my tone is my voice, so I enjoy incorporating an amp or emulator and some effects as well.

Beyond those essentials, the sky is the limit. I’ll caution you to avoid falling into the trap of using gear and software as an excuse for not practicing or as a procrastination device. It’s easy to do! Choose the items you need to get started practicing, and add additional hardware and software as you see an opportunity to make things easier, better, or faster.

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What does this have to do with the OP's question?