GUITAR CAB MIC SHOOTOUT - Shure Sm57 vs. 17 microphones

Hey there! My first post here and my first youtube video...maybe this will be helpful to the fellow guitar enthusiast and recording geeks :)
After browsing online and searching for various microphone comparison sources on distorted guitar I decided to do a test of my own. It was a great exercise to test side by side all the microphones that I own at the moment. A very nice learning experience.

All the microphones used in this video are very affordable. Prices ranging from 20€ to 500€. My favorite was probably Beyerdynamic m201n. Mic used in this test: Shure SM57, Audix i5, Beyerdynamic m201n, Audix D2, Audix D4, Audix D6, t.Bone CD-55, Sennheiser MD421-N, Oktava MD-80m, Cascade Fathead, Reslo RBL Ribbon (1950s, Black), Oktava MK-319, Oktava MK-219, Beyerdynamic MCE90, Rode K2, Audix ADX-51, Superlux S241, Behringer EMC-8000.

When changing microphones on the cabinet, I tried to be as precise as possible. Microphone capsules pointed at the same spot on the grill (where the dust cap meets the cone). The distance between the microphone and the cabinet grill was about 1.5cm. I've also tried to match all the volumes as close as possible.

Gear used : Roland g-202 - BAE PDI direct box - RME FF400 - modded passive Radial Pro RMP reamp box - Sovtek Mig100h - Orange 4x12 cabinet (UK made Celestion Vintage 30's).

Download link for the raw tracks:


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Top five here for me: SM57-Rode K2-Senn MD421-Oktava MK-219- Audix i5..........all of them had a solid midrange and a tight low end.