Guitar amps sample files


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I'm in the market for a 1X12 or preferably a 2X12 Combo. Something with balls (I play mostly heavy music and I want GAIN, lots of it). I was thinking about getting a Rectifier serie combo from Mesa Boogie. But I don't want to restrict myself to one choice, I'd like to hear some sound samples of various amps available (including the Mesa Boogie Rectifier and the Line6). Anyone knows where I could find that on the internet?
Make sure you get some efficient speakers that can handle what you throw at them. An example would be the JBL or Altec-Lansing full range drivers (rated at >150 watts RMS) with a 100W amp; and I'd consider getting a 2 x 15" cab to add "heavy" to the gain. Here's a test you can try at the point of sale. Rig an adapter from the headphone out of a Sony Walkman radio to whatever input is on the cabinet you want to try. If the Walkman can drive the speakers to a level loud enough to piss off neighbors, that'll work.
As to sound samples; I think the POD review on the main page here includes a link to a bunch of samples of every amp emulation on the POD front panel. Not the real thing but a convenient collection to get a general idea of the tone on the amps represented.