Guitar amp as monitor?


Boredom artist
My wife and I saw Bob Seger tonight. (72 years old, still rocks!) One of the guitarists was on the jumbotron when I noticed he had a blues junior centered between two wedge monitors. There didn't appear to be a mic on it. Do guitarists sometimes use amps as monitors on stage?
Awesome that you got to see Seeger! Did he play "Down on Mainstreet?"

Did you notice what main amp he was playing? If that's what's feeding the PA while he monitors on his Blues Junior, that must sound freaky.
Yup they did that one and pretty much all the big ones. It was a pretty big group, with a horn section out of Detroit. They did a couple encores, maybe because it's supposed to be their last tour. I never owned a Seger album but I knew every song except for a couple- guess that's just how huge they were on the radio for a few decades.

I didn't notice any other equipment except for Nancy Wilson's orange terror. (Sarah was especially excited to see her open.) And there may have been a studiolive in the front of house area. It was kind of a big operation down there, a few boards and computers, a couple sound guys and a couple a/v guys (I think).