Guerilla Recording with 16 Bit ADATs

Track Rat

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This is a friend of mine's band. I tracked this in a guy's basement with two 16 bit ADATs. It's a live take with the guitar lead the only dub. Waddaya think?


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Listening on HPs for reference.

Snare seems to be sitting back a bit too far. Bass could come up to give it some low end boost. Everything else seemed to sit pretty nice. Vocals are upfront, but in a good way for the style.

Overall nice recording, good performances. Couple of level tweaks, but nothing major. Nice stuff.

Track Rat

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I have a bad habit of mixing drums too up front so sometimes I purposely restrain myself. I'll look at the snare and bass. Thanks.


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Im not going to offer any "mix crtique". I mean, what the hell do i know. I will say this, I lnow what I like, and I like this. Recording wise it shows what can be done when you have a well rehearsed band playing. It makes the recording process that much easier.
Well done.


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It sounds good Track Rat. Great guitar tone for sure....stinging but smooth...clean but powerful. It's sometimes hard to nail this type of tone on a recording. The organ sounds good too as did the vocalist. Great performances all the way around.
I luv da blues man!
great work.

Track Rat

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Thanks all. Jimi, that amp is the Kustom 72 Coupe I picked up. Real Fendery sounding. Believe it or not, the core of this particular band used to be
heavy weights here in St Louis.


mr. green christmas
This sounded really good. The organ sounded fantastic.

I could have used maybe a little more body to the vocal track as it seemed kind of thin almost against the backdrop of those instruments.

A very clean and accurate sounding recording.

Track Rat

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It does sound thinner than it should be to me too. That was an Octava MK-319/Envoice MindPrint which always sounds nice but for her not so much. Hmmmm.....