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Latest song/mix. I'm reluctantly singing again, though I got to admit this song actually had me laughing while doing the vocals so it was a good time. I came up with the music idea and sent it to a friend who writes lyrics. Housemate on drums. I think the recording/mix is pretty good, the singing is bad and the song is silly but it was something to do and came together from idea to completion quickly. Listening to the final mix-limiting pulled the guitars forward more than I expected but the mix held together pretty well. Let me know how it's sounding to you. Thanks for your time.


Spedup remix

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I like the song. Got a Stones vibe going on. Nothing silly about that.

I listened in my car. I'll listen again on monitors this evening. My initial impression is that a volume war is happening between the bass and guitars, rhythm guitar on the right especially. The vocal is collateral damage. It's getting drowned out. That's often a sign of lacking confidence in the singing. I don't find your vocals are bad at all. But like it or hate it, if your voice is the lead, it has to be out front selling the melody and the lyric. It can't be buried.

My suggestion would be to bring the bass down to lock in with the kick drum, then bring the guitars down to scale with the bass. That should open up the mix and let the vocal be heard.

I'll let you know if my impressions are the same when I listen through monitors.


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Sounds great on my headphones man. The drums kind of pop out in sections, maybe try getting those more consistent in volume. The vocal is a little similar I think, it kind of dips in volume in places. Sounds good where it is though really, that's like the last 5%.


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It was a fun song. Tempo feels to drag for the nature of the song. Mix sounds good, but the cymbals are swishing (limiter?).


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Listening on monitors, the bass is more the issue than the guitars. I'd dial it down and see how things stand.


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Thanks guys for the ears!

"collateral damage" that made me laugh Robus-also agree that the bass is too boomy-it may have no eq at all... I tried the mixerman drum mic technique on this one and I was happy with the results, someone else here in the clinic recorded that way so I tried it for a simpler focused drum sound and it was very easy to mix/balance the drums. I kind of wanted this to sound like a band in a basement or dive bar especially with respect to the vocals, so a bit of rough edges I'm willing to live with.

That is also a very good observation Nola, the tempo/subject matter-I was thinking the same thing myself, even discussed that very topic with the drummer after I laid down some vocals. Is this worth recording again?? That is the question. I guess I could try speeding it up using the rme interface hmmm....

Thanks Easlern-Yeah I didn't do too much to the drums though I did have a compressor and tape sim (trash2) on the drum bus, a few spots where things spike for sure. It's weird looking at the waveform and seeing these big spikes but not really hearing anything out of the ordinary during the mix. Those same spikes come back and haunt you when it's time to make the mix go from -18 rms average to -10 rms average..

Thanks again for your time all.


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Sounds great, man. I like the tune, I'm getting a Stones vibe, too, mixed with a slight Monkeys feel even.

Agree the vocals are a little soft and the bass might be hair too loud. Your voice sounds good though, I wouldn't sweat it. Guitars sound great, like Robus said the one on the right might be tad hot. Any adjustments should be minimal and done slowly, I think it's super close as is.


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Sorry to bring this up again-but I did a remix. This would not be big news except I was able to speed this song up without changing the tempo, I knew daw's had this capability but had not really used it. The mix is a little different as well-biggest change being lowering the bass. I can hear the limiter working in a few spots but otherwise sounds pretty good on my system. No responses are necessary, P.T.I.



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Sounds good. Did you mean to say you can speed it up without changing the tempo? The pitch maybe?


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This is very much a Stones type song, and the only thing it lacks is a little more of a dirt guitar hitting accents, and a vocal with confidence and attitude.

Good song.


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Sounds well recorded. Pretty tight playing. Like the song.

Arrangement could use some variation...basically same instruments sounding the same throughout. One loses interest a bit.

I think the vocals are fairly solid, actually. I agree with the poster above who said they need to be more forward in the mix...getting drowned out, especially early on. The backing vocals sound tight.

Good recording.


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I listened to all 3 mixes at least a little bit. I listened to the last mix all the way because I think it's the best. The other two had a low end problem with the bass. The bass sounds pretty good in the last one.

The song has a good groove to it.

I didn't care for the reverb. It's making everything kind of soupy.

The guitars are clashing just a bit with the vocal. I'd notch the guitars in the mid-2Ks.

I like the drums. Tight kick sound. Poweful snare.

Like the slow-ish fade. It's a little abrupt right at the end.


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Good tune dude. I know earlier it was posted about bass being too boomy/loud. I listened to the "Now" mix and the bass wasn't very prominent. However, your low end in mixed well as a package. My personal preference would be to have more bottom end in general but I am always told to turn it down on my own stuff lol. Great song man, keep up the good work.