Greetings to you all!


New member

I'm 29-year old musician from Finland. I've been playing, making and recording music since the early 90's as a hobby.
I started out by using these tracker software, Impulse -and Fast Tracker, and as the technology progressed
I upgraded my software. I had a pause from the mid 2000 to 2010 from all kinds of recording activities and when I found Fruity Loops, FLstudio in 2010 my
interest peaked yet again. After that I've been getting back into recording and mixing and found out that with the new millenium all kinds of nice nifty software based
things arose. I also play guitar in a blues-rock / classic rock band called Wasted Puppets, of which I also compose the music.
Nowdays I found the reaper DAW software and I am very impressed with it.

My rig consists of :


LTD EC-1000, electric guitar
Tokai Es-60, electric guitar
Jackson Ps3, electric guitar
Yamaha F310, streel string acoustic
Peavey classic 50W 212 combo from the seventies
Marshall valvestate VS100 head + cabinet
Boss ME25 multieffects pedal, which is also my audio interface at the moment when record guitars
Bad Monkey, Overdrive
Boss DS1 distortion
Dunlop Jimi Hendrix signature WahWah, from the nineties
A midi keyboard


Reaper DAW
Independence Free, for my keyboarding needs
4Front Bass vst, for bass, I do not own a real bass yet
Piano One, free piano VST which is absolutely fabulous
Various compressor, EQ, delay, reverb etc. plugins
ORGANized Trio VST, for my "hammond" sound
Superior Drummer 2, for my drumming parts

I just wanted to say hi to you all!!! and glad that a forum such as this excists!