Green Maverick


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New Song thing-Just layed down the tracks and did a quick mix/master. Let me know if you find this sonically insulting. I'm going for a low-fi 70's kind of vibe for sure. Instead of real drums I played the midi kit into addictive drums using their dry kit. I could put real drums on this but i kind of like the sound. Let me know how i can improve the mix as i'll be working on this over the next week. I hear more than a few things already that were lost in translation but i always value the clinic opinions.

So put on your sunglasses and all aboard the Green Maverick, no seatbelts required.




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I like the song a lot. Performances and arrangement sound great. Mix is a bit on the darker side. Lead vocal could come up. That's all I've got.


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Good sounding song. I agree with Robus...could use a little more sparkle as its a little dark mix wise. Seems to be mixed pretty good so far. Good job.


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Love the feel to the song. Really really cool vibe.

I agree the mix is missing a little high end. The guitar on the left is kind of dark. The snare could use a little more sparkle. The voice could use a little more high end.

I like the harmonies.

The low end might be just a little strong. The bass is a little loud and the guitar on the left has a little too much low end.

Lead vocal has some words here and there that get buried.

But what a cool song.


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Really cool song. At first I thought that Beach Boys meet Stones and then the vocals gave me a Lou Reed vibe. They're a little in the background IMO. And during the refrain I couldn't get the line after "Everyone's talking, but nobody's ?" I like the drums. No need for real ones - they do the job.

I like it!


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Very good songwriting. I do like it. Here is what I'd adress if I was somebody :P

- There is not much dynamics going on it the arrangement so which makes it a little boring to listen to. It's a great basis to work from though!

- There is some buildup between 100 and 130 Hz. I guess it could be the bass and the guitars. I'd attenuate the frequencies of the guitar in that region to give the bass a little more space while reducing the buildup of frequencies in that range. Talking of that, did you put some high pass filters on the instruments? I'm sure that will clear things up a bit.

- I find the drums and the vocals a little bit dry. The guitars are fine, but the drums and vocals make it a little 2-dimensional. I'd try utilizing stereo delays, reverbs and some parallell compression on the said tracks. That should make it much more spacious. If you want to maintain the general sound of the drums, lookup the Abbey Road reverb trick. It's about filtering the frequency range of the reverbs.

- Some of the vocals are inaudible. You could adjust the release of your compressor to make them a little more understandable.


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Super cool song, Strat. Some great advice so far from the others, as I agree that left guitar is a tad too bassy. And the mix as a whole lacks a little high-end sizzle.

Won't take much to get this sounding fantastic. Nice work, great tune.


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Thank you Robus, Brutish, Triple M, Xeries, VomitHatSteve, Philosophy and Johnny Amato for taking the time to listen. I've had the Maverick in the shop for the last few days and had some work done:

1-replaced left front fender (guitar)-i played much lighter during the singing to try and give the song a bit more dynamics
2-resang first verse
3-fixed numerous drum hits
4-turned down the twin 4 cylinders (there's 2 basses on this track i'm surprised no one mentioned it) and eq-d them some (exactly as Philosophy mentioned-the 100-130 hz range i was already eqing i did some more)
5-put a compressor on the mid section vocal to try and make the words more clear
6-"mastered" this is really the hard part-i tried mid side compression to try and tame the basses without messing with the guitars. still not sure about the overall balance...

This could still use some sheen in the high end i think, but it's for sure less bassy. Some things still annoying me-the snare sound for example but i think the vocals should be more clear at least. Here is mix two if anyone is interested, i think the Green Maverick is in decent running condition. Thanks for your time and suggestions people!



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Overall I really like the dry feel of it. Very clean. Uncluttered.

Vocals seem a little low in the mix.

In the initial section the left guitar seems to outweigh anything on on in the right side. Maybe pan the vocals or backup vocals to the right side to balance things out? Doesn't seem like it would interfere with your right side panned guitar lead - which could also come up a touch IMO.


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Nice. Cool vibe throughout. I like the harmony breakdown section. Very well done and I might rip it off ya.

Dark as some people noted (I listened to the link in post #9.) Still some buildup as Phil noted. Maybe remove the side compression thing you mentioned.

I like the dryness, but considering the subject matter and the throwback feel of the song, you should loading up on reverb. I'm curious at least to hear how it sounds.

I pretty sure the kick click is prominent. Pretty sure that's what I'm hearing, though now you say there are two bass tracks, I'm not so sure. LOL Regardless, the click is too prominent, dial it back.

I think you're 95% there. A few tweaks and it's radio ready.


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there's 2 basses on this track i'm surprised no one mentioned it

That's not a normal thing to do?! o . O

On a second listen, I agree with Chili that it's probably worth exploring some more reverb. Especially on the bgvox. They're clearer than the lead, which is a little weird.