Great mixer plus Tascam 414 cutesy 4-track(cassete)

Junkie Joel

New member
Okay. Let's say (this is theoretical, now) that I have a Mackie 1402 Vsomething (the nice one with sliders and what-not) and a small Tascam 414 4-track(standard cassette).

Now, If I were to plug lots of instruments into the Mackie, and have them setup for stereo sound (ie two sliders [L&R] for each instrument) and then plug the outputs of the Mackie into 2 channels on the 4-track (ie two tracks, aka two sliders on the 4-track)
would all those instruments retain their stereo-ness on tape?

My problem, you see, is that I want to record a keyboard, guitar, and mic while utilizing stereo for each. Would purchasing a Mackie and keeping my 4-track solve this problem?
J.J., you do realize, I hope, that:

1. you will have to pan the tracks hard left and right on the 414 when recording
2. all the sound from all the instruments will be mixed together and they won't be on separate tracks.