got an EMU1820m with bundled software $479


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I just bought an emu1820m. I found this authorized seller on ebay that is selling it bundled with Cubase LE, Sonar LE, Wave Lab LE, Amplitube LE, ProteusX LE, Live (G) light whatever that is, T-Racks EQ. Got it for $479 + shipping. This seller is also selling the firepod bundled with Cubase SX3 for $899. that’s like getting Cubased SX3 for $300.


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Tifstorey said:
Aslong as its all genuine software, i say nice deal :D Give me his ebay name so i can look him up ;)
his ebay name amprocorp
he’s a power seller I would assume its lagit other wise he would have been reported by someone right? Heck if I get bootlegs I’m reporting him. But like I said hes a power seller. That’s the only reason I bought it from him and the fact that he claims to be an authorized dealer.


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Aye you should be ok. Didn't mean to scare you... Only one time i had a bad run in, purchased Cubase SX3 for £80 buy it now. I thought i had got a great deal, although was a little suspicious. 3 days later a white CD-R turned up in an envelope.. I managed to scare the guy through an email with big words which he obviously didn't understand. He returned the money and i kept the programme which is now being used as a back up from the real copy i purchased a few days later :D

But anyway, enough of my blabbering.. Have fun with your new gear ;)


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It should all be good stuff. That same software bundle was being sold by E-mu to existing e-mu sound card users for around 30 yeah. It's probably that same thing.