Got a new boss pedal


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A 40th anniversary Boss SD1 overdrive .

I have an early 80s sd1 that I’ve had forever and love. Like those much better than tubescreamers. You can get a bit more gain out of the boss, and the mids aren’t so boosted. It’s a more natural overdrive that retains more of your guitars tone.

The anniversary?

Well, I waited quite a while or it to arrive, it looks cool in the black case instead of the traditional yellow.

It’s modern surface mounted rather than through the board construction. That’s kind of a bummer. But...... it sounds good.

Not as good as the vintage pedal but I’m still happy.

Guess this kind of turned into a review 😎


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Despite all the pricey boutique pedals I’ve had (and still have) I always come back to my tried and true a Boss pedals


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ADA yes. Tried that. Wasn’t a fan.

Trevor Rabin first turned me on to boss pedals.
With that polished sophisticated ‘YES’ sound, I always figured him to be a Rack effects kind of player. Or at least a Bob Bradshaw kind of guy.
But no. Straight out of guitar center boss pedals.
Taught me how to stack and gain stage pedals.