Goodbye old BOSS BR1600's


beep beep beep beep beep

After 15 years and numerous singles, EP's and albums my old midi sync'd pair of BR1600's recording rig has finally been replaced. Good machines they were for what they were. I'm not selling them though, they have just gone into the 'closet of darkness' to join the other pensioners.
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I've got a couple of Yamaha units, an AW16G and an AW1600. I've got a project started to replace the hard drive in the AW16G with a SD memory card. Since they had no USB at that time, it was a pain to back up the hard drive. It would have been really nice to be able to swap out the system drive with all the recordings.

There are a few songs on the AW1600 that are incomplete. Someday I hope to finish them.

Keep those BR1600s. Someday people will be pulling them out like they do the Portastudio cassettes.
I think it’s cool that you have an old boom box hung in front of a reference I assume. That’s a time warp for sure.
Would anyone be interested in teaching me how to create and add drums on the 1600? - I am a beginner and this part is kicking me arse!

Lots of other beginner questions also concerning topics such as, adding effects, bouncing tracks, and much to learn about mixing.

But anyway....... as example for the drum questions:
I can't find any drum arrangements for my songs on it?I mean some sound ok but parts need to be changed? Can I do that?

I tried to create my own drum patterns but can't hear my music while I am playing the pads and writing drums? I know surely I should be able to right?
Cause I know I can't write drums w/o hearing the guitar/bass at least.

Oh and also! - Is it possible to move sections of a song around and drop in new sections? Such as - say I want to add a bridge after I recorded the entire song w/o it? Can I add it or do I have to re-play everything?

-- Also I am guessing if ya get the tempo wrong you're just screwed, correct?

- I know questions like these must sound pretty stupid to someone that's already learned this machine but man do I have a lot to learn! And I'm desperate!

If I could find someone locally I would pay for some one on one lessons! Anyone out there in the Pensacola, Fl area?

Thanks for reading and any help at all will be greatly appreciated!
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