GoldStar 1963 sound on a budget?


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Here's the deal- I have a surf-rock & roll band & the ideal sound for us would be a slightly rawer Brian Wilson c.63 production style/sound. I am willing to spend around $4-5000 to try to achieve this. We would be tracking live w/minimal overdubs (4 trks would be plenty) This is what I think I should/could get: Scully 280 1" 4trk. (I can get one for $500) a newer 1/4" mixdown deck (Otari $500)Joemeek preamps (up to 4), a Joemeek compressor, & 1 or 2 decent condenser mics either an AT or the Joemeek model, I also have several SM 57's. What do you think? Also if I have the preamps do I still need a mixer to mixdown - or could I go mono w/o one? Thanks
You are going to need a mixer to get all the instruments on to the recorder. Get one with at least 4 more channels than you think you'll need! It always happens that you just need one more input!...

Have fun Dude!

Dom Franco