going digital on my comp.


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Hey. I have recently decided to go digital with my studio, and run off of recording software on my new computer. I don't want to record MIDI, but REAL stuff. I'm all very new to this concept, though. What program is best? How do I run my instrument into my computer??? Thanks to whoever helps me out.
Hey man. This is one of the questions I can actually answer.

Basically you need some sort of soundcard. Sounblaster Live will work, altough it isnt the greatest. There are all kinds of cards to choose from, in all sorts of price ranges.

With something like Soundblaster Live, you just plug your microphone into the line input and it will allow you to record. As you increase in the price of sound cards, you get things like more inputs, 24 bit converters etc...

The same goes for software, there are tons of different options. I like a program called Cool Edit. You can dl a demo of this at:

A lot of people will recommend N-Track also, as it is cheap and pretty easy to use.

If you are running an instrument like a guitar straight into your soundcard, you will probably want to invest in a direct box. These allow you to match the output signal of your guitar to the desired input of your card (or something like that).
Oh, and dude. Youre probably wanna post this kinda question in 'Recording Techniques' or something from now on.
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I don't mean to be rude or anything but there's an introduction to digital recording on the main page and all the answers you need at the moment are already in the "computer recording" forum. Take some time to read old posts there and we will be more than happy to (try to) answer more specific questions.