Godin Radiator Vs. ???


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I want to buy a Godin Radiator because is a sheap and a nice guitar with a nice sound.
Do you have one??What do you think about it?

But i want other guitar sugestions, to change my choise !
Thank you

Excellent choice. I work at a Godin dealer in Northen Indiana and I love those guitars. The Radiator is a great deal too.
It iss very similar to a Tele. It will twang if that is your thang. The individual volume controls for each pick are kind of interesting since it has no switch. Just out of curiousity, how much do they have theirs for? There is an article in Guitar mag from a couple months ago about them, it received all the top ratings. Although the mag might have been changed to gutiar one by then, I am not sure. But, those are great guitars, handmade. I think you will be very happy with one, (they are better than the average Fender guarenteed).