Glenn Hughes Purple Orange Frustrations.


I was really excited about getting one of those Orange Crush Bass 50s. I ordered mine about 5 weeks ago from Sweetwater. Waited. Waited some more.
Got an actual phone call from a rep telling me they were on back order and they weren't positive when they'd be here, but at LEAST May. So, COVID has had another unexpected complication in my life, but when (if) it gets here, I'll update. Anyone actually gotten one?


Yeah I ordered a KT compressor last year. Kept getting pushed back and back and back. Finally they pushed it back again and I said fuck it and got a different compressor. I’m looking on Sweetwater now and it’s still on back order so they pushed it back again.

I’d rather they give me a proper date than a sooner date and continually push it back.


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I think with a lot of this stuff, the sellers have no real idea when things will arrive, except for what the distributors are saying. The distributor doesn't have to take the rap for product being unavailable. They'll just push the blame back to the manufacturer.

I know here locally there are stacks of Ford vehicles sitting in parking lots, waiting for the magic boards to make them run. When the lots fill up, the company now just shuts the plant down for a couple of weeks.