GK-3 and double back tape for Ovation roundback


New member

With a round back Ovation, I likely cannot use the strap-pin to hold the bracket without producing stress on the composite back material.

Accordingly, will a double back thick tape, work well to keep the pick and GK-3 in place? If so, what kind of tape should I use and will it last in adhesiveness for some period, a month, more.

I would not want any adhesive that would not come up without pulling on the wood and should clean up easily.

I might be able to place the bracket on the Ovation by using the strap pin by cutting a rubber wedge to offset the back curvature? (I'd be feeling more secure about protecting my guitar if the double-back tape works will for the GK-3 and pickup and lasts for a months or more.)

Lastly, has anyone had experience with using double-back adhesive tape with the pick up? Does it adjust well with the tape thickness?

I'll be playing a GR-20.

Thank you for reading of need, JeffF.