Gibson, what have you done?


Noticed a sales ad for AMS this morning had new 2017 Les Pauls and Firebirds for under a grand. Saw a new SG (Fusion) for just over $400. Really? Don't they own their own knock-off brand? How cheap will an Epiphone SG Fusion be? Is the economy driven so low by our last president that one of the icons of American commercialism running their own prices (and obviously quality) into the dirt? Realistically, you cannot build a $400 guitar with $1200-3000 build quality. The upper line SGs just wouldn't sell at that point...

Any thoughts?


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automation? machines and not people?

drop the nice cases, drop all the case candy, drop the lacquer finish and go faded/satin, use chineese crap hardware

theres only my guess's.

I thought those lacquer free guitars were kind of nice, personal taste. ..but I like the satin finish of the LP 50 Tributes.


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I read the US gov keeps suing over the wood they use. Probably spent a lot of money on lawyers.


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I am buying a 1988 Las Paul standard. incredible, flawless, great wood, plenty of meat left on the frets....$800. I realize that price is pretty low because I'm buying it from a friend, but late 80's-early 90's les pauls are wonderful instruments made with the good wood and much attention to detail.

You can get a LP classic from that era for $1100 to $1300 just about any day of the week. They are seen as an incredible value for what you get. Thus, you can play it for years and get your money back out of it.

I think nowdays Gibson is trying to fix something that isn't broken.

Make the same guitars that people love Gibson!!

Don't try to reinvent the wheel!!!

You already perfected that wheel in 1959!!