G&L Blues

I've never been able to play traditional slow blues lead guitar. When RickF posted a blues song on the main Cakewalk forum I took it as a lesson to be learned. It took me a month to learn and record what he did in one pass just improvising. So with his permission I'm posting it for feedback on the mix. I hope I can retain this "feel" on any future blues tracks. Thanks for listening and for any feedback .. mark G&L Blues by mark alan skinner | Free Listening on SoundCloud


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Obviously this isn't something that most people would throw on the stereo to listen to unless they were guitar guys. A 5 minute blues jam is for learning how to play over the changes, and to develop your sound, technique, riffs, etc. The mix is fine, but here's a few twists you might want to try.

1. Do some changes in the guitar sound. Do a verse straight, then do one with an overdrive. Do a "call and response" with two guitar tracks playing off each other.
2. Write a couple of verses. It doesn't have to be extensive. Then, try to add some accents to fill between phrases in the verse. That will teach you to play off the singer.

I like the way you hung back sometimes. Coming in on the 2 instead of the 1 gives it a bit of anticipation, which makes it more interesting.

I've listened to a couple of your other tracks, and there's no reason why you wouldn't absolutely nail it on a slow blues.
Thanks for the comments and the great suggestions. They're now written in my suggestions notebook. If I ever do a full blown blues song I will surely refer to it. Thanks .. mark
I did a mild remix. I added an acoustic guitar , and added some overdrive and panning to the lead guitar , bring it in and out with the clean one starting just before the 3 minute mark. I think it sounds a lot better without having to redo everything. The changes are now in the original link. Thanks TalismanRich