FWIW operating my recently-acquired MR8HD & WAV Manager with Windows10 Pro straight out of the box

The zip contains one file - MR8HDCD_V104.MOT - no text or pdf file to explain what to do & what it will do.

Are you suggesting that I should install this (some way) & then I will know that the deck is fully uptodate i.e. v1.04?

Surely there's some way to check which version the deck has before doing anything else - it may already be v1.04?
Thanks for that. Have conifrmed in SERVICE MODE/VERSION that the deck is at v1.28 6/8/16. The MENU/ENTER + STOP command to get into SERVICE MODE is not documented in the User Manual which seems like a strange ommision to me.

I'm now in two minds about updating to v1.31 as they deck is performing with Windows 10 & USB which was my big unknown. The advantage of v1.31 is recording songs for up to 400mins as opposed to 99mins.
BTW, the update reads as a two-stage procedure:

1. Flashing the ROM via MENU/ENTER + REC then power off & back on to complete the software update

2. Enter SERVICE MODE again & select INIT MEMORY which sets all the system settings to the default values