So.. I'm a guitarist and I was trying to learn some basic slap bass techniques..

I started recording some and thought hey.. I can make a tune out of this!

I was going for kind of the cheesy 70s space funk sound, I don't know if it really sounds like that.. LOL!

Any opinions on mix or whatever greatly appreciated!


The keyboards are too cheesy for even space funk - sounds like Jan Hammer's Miami Vice era.
The thumb slapping is consistent - though it gets a little boring after a while.
Where's the kick drum?
I was going more for the 70s sound, not 80's as in Miami Vice.. Like when all those space disco kind of albums came out after Star Wars was popular around 77/78.. Though I guess the lead guitar is more hair-metal 80s.. :-)

Maybe I'll do another mix with louder kick and see how it sounds..


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The slap bass sounds good. It's a good 70's era funk bass sound. The keyboards and guitar sounds (particularly the lead guitar) are a more 80's. So it's giving the mix as a whole an 80's flavor. and yeah it could use more kick.

Everything is very well played.