FS: Sovtek MIG-50 Head

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bollocks redux!
Reluctantly for sale a Sovtek MIG-50. I got this a few weeks ago and love it, but I need to scrape some money together for mics for an upcoming project. This was the last amp in so the first one out.
Labeled by many as a poor man's JCM800 and Bassman melded together. The amp sounds and works great. It does show its age cosmetically, however. The pics are the original seller's, but are a good representation of the amp's condition. I'll try to get new ones up w/in a day or two if this lasts. One thing though-- one more of the tube shields is missing. These can be had for about $3+shipping on ebay however. Another thing that doesn't show up in the pic of the front is that the Sovtek label, while intact, is a bit warped. The previous owner told me that he had this amp re-tubed and biased about 2 months ago and between his reported usage and mine the new tubes have less than 12 hours on them.

$400 shipped to the lower 48 US states, no trades
Location: Mohegan Lake, NY
Ships to: Lower 48 only (sorry Hawaii and 'laska)


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