FS: Orban 642B Parametric EQ / Notch filter (black face model)

Massive Master

As much as it pains me to do so, I've decided that it's time to wish my Orban 642B good-bye. I thought I'd toss it up here first before it goes to e-bay...

This is the black-face model (a.k.a. "the nice one") with the mega-quiet op-amps and factory balanced I/O. Very musical, recently cleaned. All knobs & switches are attached and in good shape. HP/LP/4-band full parametric (stereo) or 8 channel mono. Vernier fine tuners on each parametric band for very sharp tuning and notching. Each band and filter is switchable for A/B. +/- 16dB for fairly extreme notching. Overload indicators are functional. PDF Manual included. Visually, maybe 7 out of 10. Functionally, 8 or 9 - Minor scratching when spinning the knobs (that will probably go away with regular use anyway) but otherwise a nice clean signal. Markings are still very clear.

sniff... I'm gonna miss it, but I've got to open up some space, and better that it gets some good use instead of collecting dust. If anyone's interested, $570 will get it to you, shipped anywhere in the lower 48.

Please E-MAIL (or PM) me if interested -

master AT massivemastering DOT com

Photo in the rack - It's the one in the middle...



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I'll take the one with "ugly" colored knobs off your hands for $570. ;)

You dont want that much color in your rack anyway, right?

-mike :D