FS: Oberheim Two Voice Synthesizer


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I bought this on my local craigslist about a month ago and paid what was, in retrospect, too much for it.

The next week I found out that my largest freelance client was closing their doors forever.

I had to rethink my plan to find a competent analog professional to repair the Mini Sequencer which lights up but doesn't sequence. It works as a two woice four oscillator synthesizer just fine, but to be 100 percent it needs some work.

After much soul searching and financial calculating, I have come to the conclusion that this will be a project better undertaken by someone on sound --- or sounder --- financial footing than I find myself at this time.

I LOVE the full, rich analog tones this machine is capable of. On my first night with it I cranked down the LP filters, dialed in a moderate amount of resonance, detuned the four oscillators and put the two SEM's in unison mode. The result was bass like I've never heard from any synth, analog or digital. I looked up and the cones on my KRK speakers looked like they were about to flap loose of their moorings. I got the message and turned my system WAY down for further experimentation.

The specifics are:

Oberheim Two-Voice Synthesizer --- TVS-1 --- serial # 0255 manufactured circa 1976 with two Sequencer Expander Modules (SEM's), one Mini Sequencer and a 37 key keyboard.

The current state of the machine:

It's in very good cosmetic condition for a 30+ year old synth. It obviously belonged to someone who cared about it. Except for the two screws removed @ the top of the Mini Sequencer and the power cord routed out of the resulting gap, it's in very good shape. The handle on the back of the case is also missing hardware on one side.

The two SEM's are in complete working order --- as far as I can tell. As mentioned they produce cone-flapping bass, searing leads and some amazing brass-like tones as well as every other analog cliche you can wring out of 4 oscilators. Every key on the keyboard is functional.

The Mini-Sequencer lights up and twisting the knobs affects the sound of the voices, but not in any predictable or musically useful way. I bought it thinking that if it lights up there can't be THAT much wrong with it. Maybe I'm right, maybe not.

It is sold as is and because of it's age and relative fragility needs to be picked up in Chicago. Or, if the buyer pays the costs, I can have it professionaly crated and shipped by your choice of FedEx, UPS, USPS or common carrier. Payment must be received in full before delivery and cash or wire transfer are the only forms of payment I will accept.

Bids starting at $2500 @ oberheimtwovoicebids@gmail.com until Friday, October 24th, 2008.

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31487392@N07/