French version of Nine While Nine - The Sisters of Mercy


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I grew up in Quebec, Canada, in a French-speaking community. But when I heard The Sisters of Mercy, my life changed.

It took me many years to learn the guitar and how to record. Finally, I recorded a French cover version of a Sisters of Mercy song.

I had to find a drum sound and track, a guitar sound for the riffs, with all the nuances of mixing to make it credible.

I recorded all the tracks; there is no sampling other than the drum sounds.

In other words, this was a learning experiment. Could I find a way to use my plug-in VST to recreate the sound?

Ohhh... I also added the challenge to make a video for my French cover song. Please note the many *wink winks and many messages for those who know about stuff...

This is a social commentary based on the original song. Powerful indeed.

I am waiting for the day that someone will understand all the messages in my video.

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