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Anyone using freefilter for Cubase VST?
I'm reading alot about eq and what to do and not what to do, but apparantely freefilter analyzes the eq frequencies of one of your favorite songs or producers works(Steve Lillywhite :)) then analyzes your song and can apply that same range to your mix. I've downloaded the demo, sounds good and I've been to a couple of User group meetings with Greg Ondo and heard it first hand, it's impressive. Just wondering if anyone has first hand experience with it and is it worth it? The same for the loudness maximizer, wouldn't this make mastering a whole cd extremely easy, or is there some sort of catch?

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Yes, I use free filter. It Rocks.
Demonstrations can be decieving because they will take an EXTREME example of what free filter can do and cram that down your thraot.
My point is that sometimes freefilter isnt as drastic as the demo you probably saw. But it is still great.
I have presets in my free filter that I made and saved.
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no doubt
and I try applying different e'q settings with the click of a button. It really makes your record sound like its mastered.
Sometimes your mix will sound better WITHOUT a certain eq. You just gotta try a few.
Good luck.
P.S. I bought producer pak and got free filter with that, but I wanna buy the mastering edition which has it included. wonder if steinberg offerssome kinda deal so i dont have to pay for it twice.
Thanks for the reply, I actually ordered it anyway before anyone contacted me. I think I got a card from Steinberg saying you can get the producer pac (mastering edition) I think for $199 if you own any of the plugins in there. I think it normally goes for $499.
That's Loudness Maximizer, Magneto, etc. You probably know what it comes with, but I'd email them, to see if it's true.
Thanks again for the reply.