Free Drum Samples


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Hey everyone. It would be a cool idea to start a thread to post and share the best free drum samples. Who doesn't need new drum sounds right? Can't make a beat without them.

I'll kick it off with:

Their free package is super high quality and these sounds are my go to when making a new beat.
Not the most active forum I see :LOL:
Probably not though I was hoping with the influx of new members from the LA school that some might take the opportunity to liven things up in this forum.

There are a bunch of active old timers and this might not be a genre of interest but even though I'm pretty old school, I am learning to adapt production techniques from the whole beat mentality. It started as a way of throwing together quick ideas but has morphed into more than that for me. For me though, the toughest part is that so many samples are suited to modern beats genres and for an old Folk guy (should be obvious from user name) finding things that suite lighter genres has been a challenge.

Not related to this thread, I've just picked up the Spitfire BBCSO (BBC Syphony Orchestra) sample pack and while poking around the site, found the Lab series samples that are free. There is a few percussion including a drum pack that is really good for exactly the stuff I work on. Just search for Spitfire Audio Labs and it will take you there. Not traditional free samples in that you need to use their plug in to use them but they are light weight resources wise and many have a ton of midi parameters you can adjust. Pretty good strings package too.

Of note, for anyone on an M1 Mac, they are compatible but you have to run them in either universal or intel mode to match your DAW. Download the plug in first and set it to the same as the DAW you want them to work in first before downloading the sample packs.
I didn't bother to download them. The first reason might be that it was posted in the hiphop area, for which I have no use. There one video that I assume use the samples weren't anything that piqued my interest.

I've got lots of samples, the SR18, plus MTPDK. It would just be more stuff that I probably wouldn't use. The drum patterns that came with the Zoom R24 are really pretty good, it its got one that fits what you are doing. They are real drums with various patterns and time signatures.