Free ambient vst's


I'm working on a new rocksong in wich I need some ambient sounds I can adjust to my needs. Are there some good free vst's I can find somewhere?


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Depends what you want. I looked for lots of stuff and wasted many hours doing so. In the end I just purchased them Royalty Free and got some of my life back.

rob aylestone

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While there are some good freebies, they often are clunky and poorly integrated. I reckon that if you download 100, you might get a handful that are useful. I'm a firm believer in listening to the manufacturers stuff, and some are quite cheap - and then YouTubing to see what people think and listen to their efforts.

My expensive sample packages which I do keep buying are hugely better in every way. However Spitfire audio, who do expensive packages also have some really good totally free ones - in their Labs series. Google those. They just take little bits of the big packages and use them as loss leaders.