Free Ads Usage Policy


Please read these terms of use for the Free Ads board--these terms are an explanation of the terms of service ("TOS") you agreed to when you registered, and do not alter or supersede those TOS, which remain fully in force:

Free Ads Usage Policy

Members of ("HR") may use this forum to advertise audio products for private sale. Dealers are not permitted to use this forum, nor any other forum on HR, to advertise their products or services. You are a dealer if you sell products or services for profit. This includes any type of compensation over and above the actual cost of the product, shipping, handling, and direct expenses of the transaction, such as customs fees, insurance, credit card processing fees, etc. If you are adding any charge to "cover your time", or "recover R&D costs", you are a dealer and are not permitted to use this forum. However, nothing in this provision shall be construed to prohibit members for listing items not originally purchased for resale on which they will realize a profit.

In addition to direct listings, members may also post links to items offered for sale on sites outside of HR. Such listings will still be subject to the prohibition against dealer posts above.

Subject to the prohibition of dealer sales, members may list opportunities for other members to join in a bulk purchase of products or services (a "group buy"). Group buy organizers must certify that the group buy is not run for profit, and that the charge to group buy participants is the actual cost of the item, including direct costs as stated above, but excluding any markup or processing charge beyond what is paid to third party vendors for fulfillment. Group buys may entail significant risks unique to their organization, and all members should take extra precautions to mitigate such risk. HR does not accept any responsibility for the success or failure of such projects.

HR is merely a venue and will express no opinion and offer no warranty on the merchantibility or suitability of any product or service listed. Participation in any transaction is fully at the risk of the individuals involved. You will not hold HR responsible for other members' content, actions, or inactions on items listed. HR is not liable for any loss of money, goodwill, or reputation, or any special, indirect, or consequential damages arising out of your use the Free Ads forum.

Members of HR may exchange information regarding their experience with other members on the Free Ads forum via the "Good Guys" thread. HR disclaims any responsibility for the content of that thread, or any other opinion expressed by HR members about other members. HR specifically disclaims any liability for libelous statements. If a member is acting in a fashion that otherwise violates the HR TOS, please use the Report Post button to notify moderators.
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