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mark skinner

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Playing around in a real slow 45 bpm (now empty project) I inserted a tabla drum vst I recently downloaded just to play with it in prv. For some reason I turned on the arpeggiator for the midi track in Cakewalk , and in a matter of minutes created a 'really' cool backing drum track that would have taken me forever to do in prv or on my controller. I overlayed a synth on top of it , and now have a new song to build. The slow 45 bpm with the 1/32 arpeggiator worked perfect for a medium paced song. This may be common practice , but I havnt' heard it discussed or tried it . May work on a lot of percussion type tracks. Anyway .. thought someone might could try it and get some good results .. mark


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That kind of reminds me of this effect that I used to have in a Zoom multi~effects pedal in the early 90s when I was at the beginning of my multitracking life. It was called a step. I'd never heard of it before and I've never seen or heard anyone mention it since. But it was a great little effect. Like you'd hit a note or harmonic or whatever and it would replay in steps. It was beyond delay and made all kinds of wicked little sounds on a guitar. But as far as I can recall, I only ever used the effect once on a recording because it was so unique that once I'd used it, I didn't want it turning up on more songs ! I wasn't the Edge !!

mark skinner

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Yeah , I still have probably the same pedal. I still use it sometimes for a violin patch and the wah pedal. I remember the Step patch , but it was too aggressive for my acoustic playing.. I think the arpeggiator is in a different ball park. I input the notes manually in prv , a couple I ran for a couple full measures and others I trimmed short samples till I got the beats I wanted. I don't think I could have gotten it done with my controller. Its' on the back burner for now , but I'll post it when I get it recorded. Later ... mark


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That's sound super cool! I wanna try that! My ex boyfriend would sometimes create an instrumental in a slow bpm and make it kinda random, then when i turned the bpm up again he would have a 'normal' tempo sounding beat and he could sample or create out of that.. but he would use it to spark inspiration :o