Fostex X-26 transport not moving up on play


New member
Hi everyone, hoping someone has an X-26 and can help, though I don't have great expectations

Bought a "non-working" Fostex X-26 in really good shape, but owner said it wouldn't play. Figured it would just be a band or motor replacement, so I grabbed it, opened it up, replaced some of the bands, and it looks really good...except the real issue is that the transport doesn't move up upon play and I can't figure out for the life of me which mechanism piece is broke/missing preventing it from moving up.

I can provide pictures of it if it would be helpful, but I guess I'm just looking for anyone who can get up close with the transport and tell me what is the path between the play button and the transport moving up. Nothing seems jammed or anything, it just seems like some piece is missing/broken/not placed right, I just have no idea where. Even close up pictures of the back and front transport may be useful if anyone has one (and has the time)