Fostex VM200


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I have recently acquired a Fostex VM200 digital mixer.
Is there anyone who has experience with that? I get a message in the display "WARNING ADAT - INCL WRONG CLOCK" and keeps flashing in the screen. So I am looking for the cause and how to fix it. I haven't connected anything else to the mixer yet.
I had an analog Fostex 280 recording mixer so digital is new to me. Sometimes it has to do with an interface?
Please reply.
hey, I've never used one of these but have spent some time around digital mixers - ADAT etc. Perhaps the previous owner had configured to device to expect sync from an external device (like a HD recorder etc)? If you can grab the VM200 manual - page 162 describes how to select the internal sync clock from the <system> menu. Try setting it to "INT44" then press enter.

If it's going to be a standalone digital mixer, you probably won't have to mess with this setting ever again : )