Fostex Speakers?


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I have a pair of Fostex pm0.4 speakers (the originals not the pm0.4n) that I have owned for roughly 13 years. These are the only studio monitors I have ever owned and I have recorded and mixed hundreds of projects on them.

I'm 26 now and guys I finally have some money in the bank. Lots of upgrades have gone to the studio - acquired a designated space with acoustic treatment, additional instruments, and even proper lighting/camera equipment for videos. At this point I can honestly say there are no longer any needs for my studio, only wants.

And that's what got me looking at my perfectly fine speakers and realizing... nobody seems to know ass about these, let alone uses them anymore. The only reviews I can find are from 2006. Random comments on forums saying they are fine, but the bass response is lacking (which I honestly would agree with). I've seen pairs for $70 on ebay which makes them easily the cheapest piece of equipment in my studio. My headphones are worth three times that.

So what's the deal? What happened to Fostex? Are they not really studio monitor producers these days? I'm going to make a separate thread comparing speakers I'm looking to replace them with but I just wanted any honest second opinion out there about these guys. The only thing I've ever compared them to are my brother's HS8's which obviously blow them out of the water but I assumed that clarity was probably coming from sheer size. Now I just feel a little foolish. Like I probably should have replaced these a long time ago and my mixes could drastically improve with some new speakers.